Jeon Laboratory

chemical synthesis and catalysis at the University of Texas at Arlington

Research Statement

Our research program at the University of Texas at Arlington involves synthetic organic chemistry and organometallic chemistry.  The goal of our research is to develop direct, more streamlined, and sustainable catalytic methods to synthesize transformative molecules with significant functions and to advance our understanding of the associated catalytic mechanisms.  Benefits which accrue from our multi-disciplinary research projects include the introduction of sustainable chemical synthesis and catalysis fields to high school, undergraduate, and graduate students’ STEM education

Research Areas of Interest

Chemical Synthesis

Synthesis of biologically relevant molecules, new reaction development, and reaction mechanisms

Chemical Catalysis

Homogeneous and heterogenous bond activation catalysis 

Materials and Polymer Science (collaboration)

Design, synthesis, and characterization of new polymers and nano-materials for energy-related fields

Environmental Science (collaboration)

Development of chemical remediation strategy for environmentally toxic persistent, perfluorinated chemicals

Microfluidics (collaboration)

Development of chemical synthesis with microfluidics technology

Want to join? 

We are always excited to attract outstanding undergraduate, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows. 

If you are interested in joining the research group, please contact Junha Jeon directly.

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